What we see

A seeming corrosion and failing of our systems, natural, political, social and financial, appear to be the unfolding story of our age. There is a widening, negative disconnect, compounded by inequality, between what people believe in and want and what they feel they can achieve. The populist upsurge in many developed economies reflects a sense that the cards are stacked against us/me and that no one credible is looking out for us/me.

There is, however, an accelerating disconnect between the narrative of big systems, whatever the domain, and the reality of regular people the world over. The old saw that good news does not sell is true and in an era of always connected digital media, hope is always on the back foot struggling to be heard above the buzz of the bad.

One of the great failings of the sustainability movement over the decades is that it has been far more comfortable selling doom and gloom - - the poverty, pollution, waste, extinctions, habitat destruction, over population and climate change - - to engender a sense of urgency, rather than in promoting trust and hope.

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What we believe

The reality of our world is a marvelous canvas exhibiting myriad beads of light: of inspiring individual and community stories; of effort, of blood, sweat and tears, to do good and make things better for others; and, more than anything, the tireless ambition and hope of human nature.

Within this global context, FenElpi Partners fundamental narrative is one of connection, linkage, bridge building, channeling and the glue for all of this is selling hope: not through our profile, marketing, or communications but rather through our actions, projects and, most importantly, through our building track record of transactions.

Who we are

FenElpi Partners is a specialist global advisory firm working with investors, governments and communities to deliver sustainable solutions for complex challenges requiring creative capital and dynamic policy options.


Our Partners have decades of experience in business, government, the labour movement, environment, the media, and the multi-lateral system.

Global Reach

With Partners based in Australia, Switzerland, South Africa and the UK - and through associates worldwide – FenElpi Partners is able to connect ideas and builds bridges to facilitate the flow of responsible capital.


Partners have led important innovations in financial markets, including the establishment of the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment (


We believe new blends of creative investment and finance, coupled with fresh policy ideas, will bring sustainable solutions and positive impacts to communities worldwide.

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