Who we are

Founded in 2017, FenElpi Partners is a specialist global advisory firm working with investors, governments and communities to deliver sustainable solutions for complex challenges requiring creative capital and dynamic policy options.

FenElpi Partners is about hope and change.

Our name is derived from a combination of Norse and Greek mythology. In Norse mythology, the gods, fearing the power of wolf the Fenrir, chained the wolf in a desolate location. The wolf howled wildly, the foam from its mouth forming a river called Hope or Expectation.  In Greek mythology, Elpis was the personification and spirit of hope. We have combined the myths of Fenrir and Elpis to form FenElpi – a unique partnership that is founded on hope for the future of our planet and society.

We believe there is reason to be positive about the future.

Delivering a sustainable, prosperous and equitable world is well within our collective powers.

We believe that understanding change requires fundamentally new and different perspectives.

Our driving philosophy can be summed up using the word samhold, a word that any Scandinavian will instantly understand. Meaning «togetherness», it reminds us how interconnected and interdependent we all are – business, investors, governments and communities.

A core aim of FenElpi Partners’ work is to align investors with communities. We do this by connecting across continents, across disciplines and most importantly connecting ideas to action. We believe new blends of creative investment and finance, coupled with fresh policy ideas, will bring sustainable solutions and positive impacts to communities worldwide.

Delivering a sustainable, prosperous and equitable world is well within our collective powers.

How we work?

FenElpi Partners believe that understanding the forces that drive transitions, puts us all in a better position to harness and steer change.

Through a global network that has been developed over decades, FenElpi Partners is able to connect with leaders from across different professions and disciplines, across private, public and international organisation domains.

Understanding the individual perspectives of governments, investors, businesses and communities enables us to craft solutions that reflect the unique circumstances of each client.

Through a powerful mix of financial, legal and policy expertise FenElpi Partners works with clients who deploy capital to support strong communities, cleaner industry and a rejuvenated environment

Our Misson

  • We believe there is reason to be positive about the future
  • A philosophy of togetherness
  •  Aligning investors with communities
  •  Sustainable solutions
  •  Connecting across continents and disciplines
  •  Connecting ideas to action