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Geneva, Switzerland


Michael has nearly 4 years’ green finance experience working for the Blended Capital Group, where he plays important roles in project management, capital raising, administration, client relationship management, and multiple aspects of green finance / impact investing.  For the last 3 years, Michael has been responsible for communication, administration, project / database management, research and marketing, and event organisation. Michael has put together many successful investor events as part of a Climate Investor Series in London, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo and Stockholm, as well as organising multiple events at the WEF in Davos.

Since November 2015, Michael has been part of the Secretariat for the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA). In his work for the UN EOSG in 2015, Michael was instrumental in putting together the Johannesburg-Bangkok Blueprint that served as a CCFLA publication on Climate Day in Paris at CoP21.

After obtaining degrees in Genetics, Wildlife Management, and Conservation Biology, Michael began his career in the South African Marine Environmental sector, where he worked for nearly 4 years on projects such as Ballast Water Treatment, an offshore coal facility, and various environmental economics projects.

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