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London, UK


Valborg is an experienced lawyer with international stakeholder management knowledge who is highly competent at developing relationships in both government and commercial domains.  Over the last 10 years Valborg has been engaged in work to develop, implement and advise on responsible investment (RI) content and process. From 2005 to 2013 she headed the work to develop and implement an RI strategy at principal level for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds (SWF) globally.

Valborg has a particular interest in recent regulatory initiatives defining good stewardship for financial institutions. Coupled with more stringent accounting and reporting requirements for companies, these legal expectations will play an important role in shaping the business and investment environments going forward. Valborg is based in the UK and runs a sustainable investment advisory consultancy, Borg Consulting. Through her consultancy, Valborg develops and leverages an extensive network amongst institutional investors in Europe and among SWFs globally, as well as a strong network with stakeholders in her native Norway, including research institutions, NGOs, corporate networks and politicians.

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